About me

I have been a Trout fisherman for 42 years with the odd sojourn into coarse fishing. I started off fishing the Forth and Clyde canal near Cumbernauld for Roach and Perch and the hill lochs in the Campsies above Kilsyth for wee Brown Trout. I was taught to fish by Jim Simpson who was a dedicated fly fisher and fly tyer. His enthusiasm has stayed with me all my angling life. Although I haven’t seen him for 36 odd years, I cannot say how grateful I am to him for all his time and effort, what would I have done with my life, who knows.

I progressed onto different coarse fish and really enjoyed fishing for Carp in Danskine Loch near Gifford and Tench down near Newton Stewart. I fished for Edinburgh and the East of Scotland Coarse Angling Association but eventually the Trout won out in the end and I haven’t coarsed fished for about 28 years. Although never say never one day I may be tempted to sit and watch a float again. I was in a Salmon syndicate on the River Teviot for a good number of years until a shoulder injury meant I couldn’t cast my big Salmon rod, so Trout it is.

I am a photographer but I find it almost impossible to fish and take pics at the same time, fishing usually wins.


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