Here we go Season 2014

Hi All,

Due to one reason or another I have been a wee bit remiss in my blogs but this will all change with the onset of my new season.

The reason I am a bit late in starting my fishing year is that I have been over in the United States at the opening of Tricia’s (and Ross”s) fantastic exhibition ‘As Others See Us’ in New York at the Pop International Gallery. 

Pop International

Pop International

As Others See Us

As Others See Us

A great 8 days there, everyone was lovely and I think I have found a new and eager fishing pupil in the form of the Gallery owners son, Gilad, who is coming to Edinburgh to study and wants to learn to fish, yes!! And New York is well..New York amazing. I really wanted to go to a fishing shop in NY and buy a few flies so that I could say hey, yep I bought these in New York when asked what I was catching all the fish on. Thanks to the stalwart work of my friend Gary Muncy and his Friend Mike Nutto they recommended that I go to that Urban Angler  

5th Ave

5th Ave



A great wee shop and I spent a bit of time there as well as a lot of Dollars, ah well

So this is where I am at the moment. Once I have shaken off this jet lag I hope to fish tomorrow or definitely Sunday at Coldingham Loch 




Can’t wait to get out there I will post a new blog on Monday get a fly on the water for the first time this year, what have I been doing?

Tight lines my friends



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  1. SwittersB says:

    Have a wonderful season!

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