Watch this space June 2013

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on my blog for a few weeks, family illness, my arm and life in general has meant I haven’t been out too much, ‘If you are too busy to fish you are way too busy’ is a well known mantra of mine.

The good news is I am heading south this afternoon  for a long weekends fishing with my good friends,Tom Jenner, Jez Curnow and Fenton Catterall, collectively known as the King Fishers, King being my middle name. There are four of us a Scotsman an Irishman and 2 Englishmen. Each year we either fish Scotland Ireland or England and it is Englands turn this year after a wonderful weekend in Kerry South Ireland last year, see my earlier posts for details of that. So we are fishing Grafham  tomorrow and Ravensthorpe   Saturday and maybe somewhere Sunday morning. Hope those 2 links work as there is no one single website for either.

I will post lots of images and reports of what else I have been up to next week.

Tight lines


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