Whiteadder Reservoir 11th May 2013

Okay here is the story. I did try to go fishing to the Whiteadder Reservoir http://www.fisharound.net/location/public/3039/Whiteadder-Reservoir-Trout-Fishing one of my favourite waters in the Lothians. It was a cold dull drizzly day with a fair bit of Northerley wind. When I reached Gifford the nearest village it didn’t seem too bad but when I got out of the trees and up onto the Lammermuir hills, it was blowing a freezing gale. There was still a bit of snow in the gullies, its just not been warm enough to melt it.

Its a great drive up there, looking behind, you can see all the way over the Forth to Fife, the Bass Rock, a massive volcanic plug in the Forth, white with 150,000 nesting Gannets and way along to your left, Edinburgh, really spectacular on a good day, Saturday wasn’t.

Looking back across the forth to Fife, Arthurs Seat Edinburgh on the left.

On a wet cold day looking back across the forth to Fife, Arthurs Seat Edinburgh on the left. (one click on any image will open a larger version)

Berwick Law on the left, Bass Rock in the distance on the right.

Berwick Law on the left, Bass Rock in the distance in the middle.

Bass rock white with 150,000 nesting Gannets.Bass rock white with 150,000 nesting Gannets.

Its one of my favourite approaches to a Loch, once up on the top of the moor there is a sharp left turn along the crest then a gentle downward slope. Tall Beech trees to your right moorland to the left and there it is in the distance looking so inviting, so full of wild Brownies, albeit small wild Brownies, its a great view one of the best.

A long view of the Whiteadder approach road

A long view of the Whiteadder approach road

The Whiteadder at last.

The Whiteadder at last.

I stopped off at the boat house to get my permit and looking out onto the boats getting swamped in the water I decided I would see if there was anywhere on the Reservoir I could actually fish, there was no chance there.

Bit of a chop!

Bit of a chop!

Whiteadder 13 001_6

Not a car or any other mad angler in sight.  At the opposite end to the dam it was a little more sheltered although the calmish water didn’t show the extent of the wind, I could barely stand up. I got my kit on and then made the wise decision to take it all off again and get back in the car. There was no way I could cast left handedly out there. The warm  memories of wonderful evening rises of the past few summers and bagfuls of wee trout were blown away on the wind.

Calmish end of the Whiteadder with terrible swirling wind.

Calmish end of the Whiteadder with terrible swirling wind.

So all I have is some pictures on a dreich day with a promise of fishing that didn’t happen, ah well, there is always tomorrow.

A sad wee addendum to this blog. One of the most scenic areas to go to and this is what has happened over the last year or so.

Wind farm in the Lammermuirs

Wind farm in the Lammermuirs just to the north of The Whiteadder, luckily it can’t be seen from the water

It breaks my heart to see this beautiful area ruined with the erection of these wind turbines. This has also happened near my all time favourite water..Penwhapple Reservoir near Girvan http://carrick.vision.whitespectre.net/listings/149  on the west coast. Some of the turbines actually go down to about 40 feet from the water, so you could easily hit them on the back cast. I fear that soon there will be no view in Scotland that is not marred by wind farms. Progress I don’t think so, but thats my opinion.


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4 Responses to Whiteadder Reservoir 11th May 2013

  1. Martin says:

    What a cracking post! I stumbled across this blog looking for some info on fishing the Whiteadder Reservoir as I am thinking about heading up next week. The pictures, above, bring back some memories of the VERY changable weather you find up the lammermuirs, when all is seemingly pleasant at ground level :).

    • bibio55 says:

      Glad you liked it. It should be great fishing up there after this warm weather. Traditional flies are the order of the day especially the Invicta in all its variations. Grouse and claret Black Pennell Blae and Black etc. I hear its been fishing well, after where the bigger burn comes in, right along that far bank bit of a trek but worth it. Tight lines.

  2. Martin says:

    Thanks for your reply bibio. I usually fish the river Tyne in East Lothian so am used to treking quite a bit to find a good fishing spot. I have fished whiteadder before and had a great days on dries (there was an incredible sedge hatch), fingers crossed conditions are helpful next week again too. Cheers

  3. henrygiles says:

    Wow is this the last post you did Bibio?
    I like it – the wild shots – but not the wind turbines news altho they are not always bad.
    Anyway do start blogging again.

    Best Henry

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