Coldingham Loch 4th May 2013

Okay so I didn’t get to the Whiteadder but I did get to again, seems safest at the moment.

Coldingham on a blowy day looking from reed bed end

Coldingham on a blowy day looking from reed bed end

My arm is worse than ever but I did manage to catch a couple of nice rainbows. At last the water is warming up and there were a good few fish moving, time for some dries or at least just sub surface. There were a lot of fish being caught when I arrived at 4.30 and lots of rises over the entire Loch. A really swirly wind was going to prove a problem, first blowing onto the bank and then off. I had to wade out as I couldn’t cast, competing with the wind and the fish had moved well away from the bank. I tried first off with a Bibio and a Black Pennel then onto a Gold Wickhams Fancy and Bibio. Finally I tempted both fish on a black CDC Shipmans on the dropper and a Diawl Bach on the point. Second fish was strange, when I put it back into the water it just kept swimming in really fast tight 10″ circles, so much so that it was frothing up the water. I got it in the net again and held it straight and calm for about 5 mins before it finally swam off slowly, never seen that before. 2 hours spent by the reed bed end of the Loch, easiest place to cast. Lots of fish moving just off the reeds, in between the new Water Lily shoots just showing beneath the surface, should see them out of the water next month.

Picked up the fish on far bank by reeds

Picked up the fish on far bank by reeds

Fished for probably 1 hour in total before calling it a night. Its getting harder and harder to fish, what to do, I wish I knew. Tight lines


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