Coldingham Loch April 27th 2013

Another 2 hours at today. Coldingham is a lovely Loch looked great in the sun.

Coldingham from the fishing hut

Coldingham from the fishing hut

I know I haven’t been too adventurous this season so far in my choice of one venue so far but I feel lucky to be out at all. Painfully casting  I caught 1 lovely Brownie on a Damsel nymph and lost another. Cold northerley wind in fact there was snow in the Pentlands yesterday, where is the summer but it was sunny.

Coldingham boats

Coldingham boats

Lots of boats out today but not a huge amount of fish caught by the look of the returns book, must be the cold wind. Thats it for today. hopefully I will get out to the Whiteadder next Friday night.


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One Response to Coldingham Loch April 27th 2013

  1. SwittersB says:

    Brrr! It looks chilly.

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