Coldingham Loch 11th April 2013

How can I beat that this year. What a fantastic day at  A bakers dozen 13 although I did lose count a bit so I only wrote 12 in the clubhouse fishing log book. It was one of those days where I couldn’t go wrong it seems. Colder day than Tuesday but with a hint of warmth from the south.

Me wrapped up and ready for a great day, coffee first though.

Me wrapped up and ready for a great day, coffee first though.

I made my way round to beyond the fishing lodge at 11.30, I picked up the first fish at 11.35, 3 more to the net before 12.00.  All rainbows so far and on a small size 14 Damsel nymph, cracking stuff. My arm was holding up but only just. Working my way along the bank for 50 or so yards with the gorse fresh behind me,I was continually hitting and landing fish, both on the Damsel and also on a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear, GRHE.

Gorse on the far bank smelling like coconuts.

Gorse on the far bank smelling like coconuts.

By 3.00pm I was well exhausted and had 9-10 in the net. I then caught what I had hoped for, a lovely full finned overwintered Brownie of about 3+lbs beautiful fish and like all the fish today it was returned safely. A well earned lunch and snooze, before heading across to the far bank near the reed end, where I had spotted a few fish moving, close to the bank. All day I hadn’t got my waders wet, two bonuses there, I wasn’t cold because the water was freezing and secondly I wasn’t having to cast that far, 40ft maximum so I hoped I wasn’t straining my elbow. Unfortunately the toll of playing the fish and casting was beginning to be felt. I couldn’t cast anymore with my right arm, the pain being so great. So my emergency plan came into action…….. learn to cast with my left arm Ha!  It was a really weird feeling, I had little control, I felt very amateurish, I couldn’t cast very far but no one could see me, abonus. Through perseverance and a bit of luck I think, I got another 2 rainbows having to switch to my right arm to play them, finally I had to give up, too sore.

Reed end Coldingham, taken between my las t 2 fish of the day.

Reed end Coldingham, taken between my last 2 fish of the day.

What a day and certainly one for my record books. There were other fish caught I could see from the boats but I was concentrating hard, lost in my little world.

I expect the fish were hungry after having very little food throughout the winter, although they were in great condition. So I should imagine as more natural food becomes available they will be harder to catch, fine by me, you don’t want that every day, some days but not every day, well quite a few days but not every day.

As a bonusI saw and heard one Chiff Chaff and one House Martin, all the way from Africa, spring is on its way!!!!!!

I have the problem of my arm now, what to do. That was a 5  hour session, maybe I should cut it down to 2 or 3 hours at a time and see if that helps. In theory although I would rather be fishing it will give me more time to take photographs which have been woefully short on my blog. Lets see what happens, it has been great to get out again and already I am looking forward to next weekend for another trip out hopefully to do some wild brown trout fishing in the Whiteadder Reservoir in the Lammermuir hills. Or maybe a couple of hours on the Whinney Loch it would be lovely to see the owner Ted,Tina and Margaret, the original owners of Coldingham Loch.

Stumpy tailed Damsel nymph, the fly that did the damage today.

Stumpy tailed Damsel nymph, the fly that did most of the damage today.


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