Coldingham Loch April 9th 2013

Well thats it the big build up has come and gone.I had a cracking days fishing at

I had planned to photograph all the steps I go through in the lead up to my days fishing as outlined in my blog ‘Thoughts on the new season’ but it went out of my head such was my excitement, I’m not very good at this really, I just get so carried away with the fishing, will have to concentrate more. So all I have is a photograph of my sandwiches and the approach to the Loch…. nice sandwiches though.

Sandwich making!!!

Sandwich making!!!

Approach to Coldingham first in 2013

Approach to Coldingham first in 2013

Freezing cold easterly wind off of the sea but sunny and in the shelter of the wind it was quite warm, not balmy but warm. I did however have a warm welcome from Carmel and Gareth the owners, nice to see them again and they have worked hard on the Loch during the close season. The footpath round the Loch is so much better.

I decided after all not to take a boat but to bank fish, good move and I worked my way anti clockwise round the Loch. Started off with a Bibio and a Black Pennell. Casting was a bit of a problem in the wind but mostly I was a bit nervous of using my elbow too much, I shouldn’t have worried so much it seemed to last the day although I am pretty tired and aching after all the exercise.

No luck at the swing gate bay a bit too shallow at this time of year so I moved up beyond the Lochside cottage, I changed to a Damsel and a Diawl Bach, the latter a Welsh fly and not one of my 15, so much for that!!!. I cast to a moving fish, surprising given how cold it was and the Damsel was snapped up by my first fish of the season a lovely full finned overwintered rainbow about 4lbs, a cracker. Next fish was on the Diawl Bach around 1.5lbs. The next, on a different damsel was the fish of the day a beautiful Brownie about 3lbs but it fell off at the net so I didn’t get to touch it, it was so close but didn’t count. In total I landed 5 all returned safely. I lost 3 including the Brownie, thats barbless hooks for you. All fish caught on the east bank.

A wonderful day and a great start to the season. It was so good to be back on the water, I rested my elbow throughout the day and even managed a wee nap under some gorse bushes with their wonderful coconutty smell from the newly blossoming flowers.

Great to be back and I will be out again in a couple of days. Apparently we have more snow forecast tomorrow, its the middle of April for goodness sake.

Tight lines


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