Coldingham Loch……29th September

What a difference a week makes. Here I am back at Coldingham Loch  six days after the eventful or non-eventful session on the boat with Alan. This time I meant business Ha! . The wind was blowing even harder than last Sunday but not as bad as last Monday/Tuesday when the wind was so strong, gusts over 70mph, that the owners Gareth & Carmel had no choice but to shut the Loch for fishing for safety reasons, two days of atrocious weather must have been really bad.

Coldingham Loch

As always I prefer the end of the day for my fishing and I try to time nearly all my sessions to finish as its getting darkish. This sometimes means I have a lot of Lochs virtually to myself on a Saturday or Sunday night, just the way I like it. Of course its getting dark about 6.45 now and for a 4 hour session I have to start about 2.45, so there are usually a few day anglers fishing till 5.00.

No boat for me this time, waist waders on and into the water I went. I had to fish along the left bank as it looked almost impossible to fish anywhere else with the wind direction, blowing right up the Loch towards the boat house. Just at the end of the Lilies and at the end of the trees I started to fish.

Coldingham from the shelter of the stone wall

The water was really choppy and cold, I started with a black Diawl Bach but soon changed to a size 14 Holo backed Damsel. 3rd cast I had a lovely 2lb rainbow in the net follwed 5 mins later with another. I had been counting the Damsel down for a count of ten and then a figure of eight retrieve with small jerks every now and then. Another fish followed shortly after. The 4th fish was strange, there had only been a few fish showing and I saw a huge rise just what I thought was out of my casting range but the wind helped a lot and I dropped the fly in the right place ( lucky shot believe me with that wind). The fish must have leapt about 3 feet into the air as it took the Damsel as it hit the water, fantastic on ehungry fish. A good fight followed and a lovely plump full finned rainbow in the net around 3lbs, cracking.

Another fish after that and by then it was getting dark and a full moon rose above Lochside cottage. It seems that I am either a photographer or an angler, I can’t seem to do both. I had forgotten my camera again and this is supposed to be a fishing blog supported by images. So apologies for the shocking quality of these two pics taken on my phone, don’t tell my photography friends.

Coldingham last cast

A great night, 5 fish four hours, thank goodness I laid the ghost of last weeks trip to rest. Only a few more sessions left. I’ll post the pics tomorrow.


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