Coldingham Loch……23rd September 2012

Dearie me what was that all about. A disastrous night at Coldingham Loch Not anyones fault except my own. What started as a really good feeling session, gradually worked itself into a comedy of errors.

My friend Alan Ramsay who is just learning to fish came down from Edinburgh to join me. For the first time this year on Coldingham I booked a boat,

No 8 on a completely different evening….how it was meant to be

big mistake, this was not the boats fault, it was lovely, a good boat…….. number 8……… one off my lucky number. The wind was getting up (again) although I can’t blame the wind for my incompetency, I was fishing as if I had just learnt to fish the previous day. Nothing was going right on a night when we should have hauled the fish in. It started off when we couldn’t get the anchor to hook up in Swing gate bay and so most of the session was rowing and trying to avoid the rocks and bank, we tried a long rope but it swung us round on to the bank, a short rope just caused the anchor to pull out, it didn’t seem to matter what we did, we got it wrong. So no rhythm was established and I just couldn’t get going (lame excuse). Other anglers were anchored up and a few fish were being caught.

My new Greys rod came apart and got caught behind a rock as we drifted helplessley bumping along the bank, I was well into the backing before we managed to get control of the boat and row back up the loch to retrieve my rod, another day it might have been funny. I had turned a fish on my first cast but touched nothing else till my last cast, apart from a fish chasing my fly which I failed to hook (nice one John). Gareth and Carmel shouted encouraging words of advice from the bank but it might well have been the theory of relativity for all the good it did me, it literally fell on deaf ears.

My lovely Greys rod came to pieces again on a forward cast and I thought I had lost it for good in the weed. A hook in my thumb improved my mood, (aye right) luckily it was barbless. At the end of the session after we had tied up the boat we had a few casts from the jetty, great news I hooked a fish, astoundingly bad news, the knot came undone. It just summed up the whole evening. The loch was fine, the boat was fine as were our hosts Gareth and Carmel, it was just me.

Here are 2 pics, one of Alan getting kitted up before it all went so wrong,

Alan….little does he know

and one of him rowing into Swing gate bay,

Alan putting his back into it and still smiling.

he looks surprisingly happy, maybe because he didn’t know what was coming. I didn’t take any more pics after that. Still he enjoyed it all in all. I had hoped he would have caught something, anything, whereas I couldn’t have caught a cold that night and we left with what I thought was the sound of uproarious laughter of all the other anglers rebounding off the hills, had there been anyone left to witness the debacle that was my fishing technique. 4 hours no fish. C’est la vie, probably wasn’t as bad as I have made out, just disappointing when there are so few trips left.


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