2nd September……The Whinney Loch

Glutton for punishment I find myself back at the Whinney. Windy? no, its brilliant, the wind has died down and the fish are rising all over the loch and the sun is splitting the sky, never mind can’t always be perfect. Decided to use dry flies only tonight as I was sure I would catch on the Bibio. I went through a box load, kept hitting fish but not connecting. I sat having my cup of Earl Grey watching a patch of dead calm water in front of me. On the water were 4 Daddies up on the points of their feet/legs standing in the surface tension, now if I could get my fly to sit like that. The 4 Daddies were duly taken by 4 hungry trout, no fuss no messy rise, just a wide white gape and they were gone. I tried with my imitation on the same patch, nothing, no interest at all, funny old game fishing.

The Whinney Loch panorama

I finally got a couple of fish one on a Bibio Hopper fished dry and one on a black sedge fished dry. It was a good night and a chance to experiment a bit with the dries, great fun. 3hours

Two fish for the night 2.5lbs ish both returned alive. Sorry about the repetition of pictures I will sort that out soon.


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