1st September……The Whinney Loch

A long holiday in the south of France is already fading into the distance. Incredibly hot, great food and wine. The mosquitoes were horrendous, at one count I had 72 bites on my legs, this despite using every known brand of insect cream spray and pills.

As soon as I could I got my gear together and headed out to the Whinney. It was nice to see Ted, Tina and Margaret again a warm welcome with enquiries about my health as I hadn’t been there for a while, good to be back.

Whinney Loch panorama

The wind was blowing strongly down the Loch towards the house, casting was going to be a problem. Fishing below the hut and with the bank behind me and the wind left to right I could only cast about 35’. I really will have to learn to roll cast properly. I tied on a shipmans as there were a few fish moving, not a sniff. After about 30mins, on a Bibio, first cast and was into a nice rainbow about 3lbs. 3rd cast another rainbow slightly smaller. I thought this was going to be a great evening, typically though I didn’t touch another fish for 2 hours on a black CDC shipmans. Then nothing again until the last ten minutes when I got another two to the Bibio.

All in all hard work with the wind, I don’t mind fishing in the pouring rain and a gentle wind but I really dislike fishing in a strong wind dry or not. It is just not as enjoyable and if truth be told I find it difficult to punch a line into it. Still lovely to be back fishing again not many trips left so best to make the most of them. 4 hours all fish 2.5lbs to 4lbs returned alive.


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