5th August……Loganlea


Some people say that if you are too busy to fish, you are just way too busy. Such is my case, the last few weeks have been busy busy busy. I managed to squeeze in a wee trip out to Loganlea after watching Andy Murray win his gold. I must admit though, had it gone to a 4th set I would have been well on the road by then.

On arriving at the reservoir I noticed that it was down by about 8 feet.

Loganlea low water, 4 weeks ago all of this was under 2 foot of water!

Now about this time of year the Edinburgh festival begins and the million visitors drink a hell of a lot of water and Loganlea does supply a lot of it and it goes down quite a bit. In this instance though the water board were working on the dam wall and had to lower the level to get the work done. It did change things I think because I had a really difficult night.  A few fish were moving so starting out with a CDC Shipmans seemed a good idea as I have caught loads on it this year. Nothing looked at it at all and the rise stopped so I changed to my favourite wee Damsel, nothing. I suppose thats why its called fishing and not catching. Good though I was up for a challenge. Rotating through various dry flies, CDCs in abundance, daddies, hoppers,sedges, produced no results. Where I normally fish in a westerly wind the bank had changed due to the drop in level, it was a bit like fishing a new water. Finaly I got a touch on a GRHE, just a wee knock but promising, then nothing.

Loganlea low water. You can see how difficult it is to fish from the bank when its so low. The bank slopes straight down into the depths and its rocky a wee bit dangerous.

Its getting dark much earlier now and the manager said I had to be off the water at 10.00. He left about 9.15 and I was alone, I watched a Peregrine and its young performing stooping skills over the hillside, the wind dropped quite a bit and aaaargh!the midges came out in force. Out came my midge net, not high fashion as previously stated but it did the trick and no one could see how daft I looked. About 9.30 still no fish and getting quite dark, I moved up to near the cabin, I don’t usually fish there, too many people. By this time I had on a very pale CDC that sat really high in the water and was getting rise after rise to it, an odd tug but I couldn’t connect or really see properly what was going on. In the darkness of the water I could see a little white ripple where my fly was as fish rose to my fly I kept on missing as they turned away fast. Finally about 9.45 I hooked a fish at last. In the darkness it was fun trying to feel which way it was going, a bit like sea trout fishing on the Girvan river in the middle of the night. I landed it after as bit of a struggle trying to get it into the net. Alas I had foul hooked it just before the gill cover, so it didn’t count, I must have hooked it as it turned away from my fly. Does that mean I was too slow?

Never mind, I have had such a good season I was probably getting a bit complacent using the same flies that had worked on previous outings same techniques etc etc. Still it was a really great evening. I had to stop after that as it was just too dark and with the low level water and being so high above it, it was becoming a wee bit dangerous. Finished off the evening sitting by the car drinking a cup of Earl Grey and soaking up the night sounds, it really was quite magical. I know my close fishing friends will groan when I say  again “there is more to fishing than fish (Issaac Walton). Its true, I had a wonderfully unsuccessful night and I enjoyed every minute of it. Driving slowly home,  a huge three quarter orange moon seemingly rose out of Glencorse reservoir also saw a Tawny owl, a barn owl and a road full of frogs, brilliant.

Off to France tomorrow for 3 weeks holiday, no fishing unfortunately. South of France, pea green rivers full of small fish you could hold 20 in your hand and the French do I’ve watched them. I am already looking forward to my next trip out when I return. I will post photographs of this Loganlea trip later after my holiday, busy, busy, busy.


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