16th July……Coldingham Loch

Boathouse form fishing hut.

http://Coldinghamloch.co.uk  Back again after such a lovley session2 nights ago. Welcomed by Gareth the owner who said if I had phoned we might have shared a boat together for a couple of hours, that would have been fun, I’ll remember it for next time. Decided to fish the right hand bank into the bay before walking round to beyond the boathouse chalet.  Gareth has started cutting a path along the banking, it makes walking so much easier and your ankles are not always at an angle. It has been really hard work for him but the benefits are enornous. I waded in, its a wee bit tricky as there are a few submerged rocks in the bay. I had to wade in as the bank is very steep and casting can be a problem depending on wind direction. I let the water settle a bit 1 or 2 fish were moving. First cast with a black CDC Shipmans and immediately I hooked a lovely rainbow about 2lbs. I thought I was going to have a very fruitful evening. The wind had died down though and in playing that first fish I had spooked all the others, I could see them still rising on the opposite bank, so round I went treading carefully where I had tripped on my previous outing. I met a regular angler who was saying that the fish seemed a wee bit nervous tonight and by wading he seemed to be pushing them further out. Passing by the boathouse chalet I thought again what a lovely Loch.

View back towards boathouse and fishing hut.

Beyond that there were 2 boats reasonably close to the bank so I had to go further than I wanted. Both boats caught fish casting out into the Loch and not onto the bank. I wasnt touching anything close in although they were rising, I finally  got a fish as far out as I could cast using a stationary foam headed Shipmans which I photographed very quickly and returned it safely. I wont do that very often in case I damage the fish. I was very careful couldn’t resist it though, it was a lovely fish.

Lovely 3lbish rainbow safely returned.

It was turning into a very pleasant evening although the wind by this time had completely died down lots of fish moving but dead calm. Stopped for a coffee and watched 2 Kestrels chase a buzzard across the Loch and over the hill behind me and out to sea. In the gorse on that side of the loch I noticed a huge amount of Damsels.

Beautiful blue Damsel at Coldingham.

Right after coffee I put on a small size 14 Damsel nymph with a fairly short tail and after 2 tugs got another slightly smaller rainbow which really snatched at the slow retrieved Damsel. Great result, lovely evening but sometimes I do struggle in a dead calm.  I am off down to Dorset in a few days for a quick break but unfortunately no fishing. I really need to get a couple of trips out before I go to France on holiday.

Coldingham log book, my entry is last, I forgot the damsel after all that. Club comments before mine.


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