14th July…….Coldingham Loch.

Coldingham Loch entrance

http://Coldinghamloch.co.uk  First trip back for a few weeks.

First view of Coldingham Loch

A warm welcome from Carmel and a nice cup of tea. Surprise surpise it was dry and a wee bit sunny. The day anglers were coming off the water and it was a mixed bag of results but everyone had caught fish dries seemed to be the order of the day although some had caught on Diawl Bachs. The water was really high and was slow going down. The boathouse piers were still under water and there was a lot of flooding up at the reed end of the loch.

Coldingham boathouse, there is a concrete pier running up the middle between the boats, now underwater.

Muddy going to get round to where I wanted to fish but got there eventually. Fish were moving really close in so decided not to wade in, good move, got a real cracker of a fish, 10 foot off the bank on a CDC black Shipmans ( I photographed it quickly before returning it) .

View from the reed bed end, through what I was always told was a kissing gate but most people call the swing gate.

It was turning into a really nice night with a light breeze, funnily enough though the rise stopped. I changed to a wee damsel as I had seen lots of them flying around the waters edge. Worked a treat, into a lovely fish after a few casts, then nothing for another 45 mins by then I had changed through various flies back to the shipmans.

I really must hone my dry fly fishing skills, again I was either too fast or too slow. If I delayed then there was the chance of foul hooking a fish as it turned away, which happened, I got one just under the chin, I landed it but didn’t count it as caught and it was safely returned.

3 fish in the net on a lovely dry evening ( although I did have a tumble down the bank an hour from the end of my four hour session cut and sprained my wrist which put an end to my evening). Great fun all the same. All fish returned


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