Loganlea 8th July 2012

July 8th…….Loganlea Reservoir.

Loganlea. Imagine another 2 foot of water

http://Loganleafishery.co.uk Sunday afternoon, tough choice, it was either watch Andy Murray from my vantage point hiding behind the sofa with my fingers crossed, or go fishing.  So I found myself on the road to Loganlea at 3.30. At least it was dry for once although the road up to the reservoir was very wet and the ever growing number of pot holes full to overflowing. On arrival Alex showed me how high the water had been on Saturday. The high water debris was over 2 foot above the normal Loch water level!  That is an incredible figure, the reservoir is 25 acres, add 2 foot of water onto that and thats a huge amount of water, maybe someone brighter than me, can work out how many gallons that is. Alex said he had to weigh down the wooden jetty with concrete blocks to keep it submerged, so that it wouldn’t break trying to float up to the surface. By Sunday  the extra water had emptied into the Logan burn and poured into Glencorse reservoir further on down the Glen, where it went from there I don’t know, it may account for the flooded fields I saw on my drive there.

Loganlea Reservoir

On a fairly dreicht night, there was a light wind blowing from and across the dam end and that was where I chose to fish. A few fish were moving and I got my first on a CDC Bibio Hopper, it took as soon as the fly hit the water, lovely full finned fish of around 3lbs. I very seldom kill fish these days, only 3 this season from over 100 I have caught, so no  fish pictures today. There was plenty of fish moving and I got lots of offers but either I was to fast or to slow, I just kept missing them, eventually I got another 2 fish on a black CDC Shipmans 2lbs and 3lbs. The fish stopped rising and I put on a size 14 Damsel, great fun watching the bow waves from pursuing fish, again I missed more than my fair share lost a few (barbless hooks again) but finally hooked solidly and landed 2 more Rainbows. Loganlea holds a good head of really good looking fish and these were no exception. Again around the 2.5lbs to 3lbs.

I am not after huge fish, I am never looking for trophy fish just not my cup of tea at all, I am more than happy with the 1/4 to 3/4 lb fish that I caught in Ireland and here at home in the Whiteadder reservoir. Gladhouse reservoir, Harperigg reservoir, http://www.harperrigfisheries.com so 2lbs to 3lbs is plenty big enough.

9.00pm Dead calm and the midges came out in force and a great chance to wear my new midge net for the first time, high fashion its not, cuts down the visibilty a bit but it did the trick wonderfully, although eating a sandwich is a bit of a problem. I fished a Bibio dry and static and waited for the offers which came, againI was too fast or slow, I only managed to hook and land one that stayed on till the net.

Loganlea Reservoir, dam end.

All in all a great night, watched a teenager with his Dad get his first fish off of the dam wall. As his Dad said he will never forget that first fish and that he should be hooked for ever. I know I certainly was.


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