Trout Fishing 2012

This is the start of my new blog recording any fishing trips that I have or any other fishing related info I think is interesting. Its more of a diary/record for myself than to be of great interest to any one else really.

I will start writing soon with a brief list of my trips so far this year but first a bit about me.

I have been a Trout fisherman for 42 years with the odd sojourn into coarse fishing. I started off fishing the Forth and Clyde canal near Cumbernauld for Roach and Perch and the hill lochs in the Campsies above Kilsyth for wee Brown Trout. I was taught to fish by Jim Simpson who was a dedicated fly fisher and fly tyer. His enthusiasm has stayed with me all my angling life. Although I haven’t seen him for 36 odd years, I cannot say how grateful I am to him for all his time and effort, what would I have done with my life, who knows.

I progressed onto different coarse fish and really enjoyed fishing for Carp in Danskine Loch near Gifford and Tench down near Newton Stewart. I fished for Edinburgh and the East of Scotland Coarse Angling Association but eventually the Trout won out in the end and I haven’t coarsed fished for about 28 years. Although never say never one day I may be tempted to sit and watch a float again. I was in a Salmon syndicate on the River Teviot for a good number of years until a shoulder injury meant I couldn’t cast my big Salmon rod, so Trout it is.

I am a photographer but I find it almost impossible to fish and take pics at the same time, fishing usually wins.

My  current regular water is the Whinney Loch near Coldingham owned and run by Dr Ted Wise, Tina and Margaret. (I say current because I have a holiday cottage down that coast where we go most weekends. The rest of the week I live in Edinburgh. I  regularly fished all the waters nearby, Gladhouse, Roseberry, Whiteadder, Harperigg, Loganlea, Clubbidean, Morton and Portmore, all great waters but now I don’t have so much time to fish midweek). Back to the Whinney Loch, Ted used to run Coldingham Loch and used the Whinney for bringing on his stock fish. A number of years back he sold Coldingham and the new owner  let it run down a bit which was a real shame. Meanwhile Ted opened up the Whinney as a small fishery. It holds great quality fish Rainbows, Browns and Blues. Its a cracking wee Loch, it can get a bit busy sometimes because its so popular. Ted looks after the water and surrounding land really well, floating lines only, 1 fly no bigger than a size 12 on a barbless hook, no wading and you must use his landing nets. May seem a bit harsh but I think he has it just right for the quality of fishing.  He hasn’t  thought of banning bite indicators as yet, which personally I think he should. It seems too much like float fishing to me and misses the point of fly fishing more than a wee bit. The Whinney  fishing lodge is the best I have ever seen with comfy chairs, bunks upstairs if you want to stay the night, coffee, tea, cooker , microwave, fire, TV, radio, toilet and shower. It has a great view over the loch and plenty of benches to sit out on and a barbeque for those summer days. Check it out on

Last September Coldingham Loch was sold to new owners, a lovely couple from Cheshire, Gareth and Carmel. They have made vast improvements to access around the Loch and the fishing. Over the last few years the number of anglers at Coldingham Loch had fallen quite low I am told. check it out on

This year I had to miss my regular new season start date of March 15th because I had just had a hernia operation and couldn’t fish, most frustrating as I hadn’t fished since the end of the season in October the previous year. So I spent a number of weekends in March just sitting watching anglers on the Whinney Loch. I also popped over to Coldingham Loch 300 yards away and got to know the new owners and we got on really well. I could see already that anglers were coming back in their droves now that word had got around about new management. and I couldn’t wait to get fishing. I like to stop fishing for all trout when the Brown Trout seaons ends, as it gives me a chance to reflect and it really makes me look forward to the new season. So now I have two great fisheries 6 miles from my cottage, both really different lochs. I can fish one in the afternoon and walk across and fish the other at night, great stuff.

So my next post is where my personal fishing records for this year starts. A wee bit late I know but you have to start somewhere.


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  1. Paul Young. says:

    John, Most enjoyable reading…many t5hanks…

    Paul Young.

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